M&W - Reliability and Customization

M&W - Reliability and Customization

At M&W, our manufacturing and engineering philosophy is built on one fundamental principle. It’s a foundation that may seem relatively common—until people realize exactly why it’s unique.

Our operation is based on this foundational and fundamental principle:

Lifting Equipment Needs to Work

Consider M&W’s plate clamp. From most, a plate clamp is only unique in its brand. Maybe it’s color is different. Perhaps a locking mechanism looks different. Maybe the support and service agreements that accompany the sale are what make it different. But by-and-large, a plate clamp is a plate clamp. With M&W’s plate clamp, our engineers looked at the functionality of the plate clamp and realized it could be better. We made it lighter, stronger, more versatile, most importantly making it safer for use. Read more about the plate clamp from M&W here.

The point is not to say that our lifting equipment is somehow unique because our lifting equipment works. Instead, it’s to say that our equipment is unique because our engineers are committed to making sure it works as efficiently, as effectively, and as safely as possible. We’re engineering lifting equipment that does the job better. It works to protect equipment, operations, and most importantly, the people who will be using it.

Each engineering advancement at M&W is making our lifting equipment work harder so that your operation…and your customers’ operations…can get better.

The M&W Catalog

Whatever it is you’re looking for from M&W, you can find it in our catalog. And if you have questions about what kinds of equipment you should be looking for and what customers are looking for, we can help you make the right decision. Contact M&W today to request our catalog, or simply download it from our site.