We Build What Solves Problems

Lifting Equipment Built with Design and Functionality

The lifting equipment that we design is engineered to solve problems. In other words, innovation and design at M&W are birthed out of necessity. If equipment can’t be trusted, that means that the operations who rely upon it are putting their team members in a vulnerable position every time they show up to work. At M&W, we understand that consistent performance is essential. We also understand that design isn’t about how a product looks, but rather about how it performs in the most high-pressure scenarios over a long period of time.

 Our standard for design and innovation gives operations managers a guarantee of strength, quality, and performance.

Good design protects people from unnecessary risk while it also makes work more efficient and productive. When customers come to us with a problem, our engineers quickly get to work trying to solve it. It’s this approach to design and innovation that gave us the framework to create a plate clamp with easy lock and release functionality that can also hold something as thin as a piece of paper. It’s lighter, more versatile, more effective, and it was built by our engineers who were solving a problem for our customers.

M&W exists to provide quality, reliable lifting equipment to companies who need to consistently perform in their jobs. It’s that simple.

Our lifting equipment is built in our Cokato, Minnesota-based plant, by engineers and technicians who are given a wide expanse of tools and training with freedom to look at design for lifting equipment with fresh eyes. We’re solving problems. Engineering isn't about doing what’s always been done, but about creating ways to work more productively. That’s what partnership with M&W and buying lifting equipment from us means.

M&W lifting is the midwest’s premier manufacturer of lifting equipment, setting industry standards for performance and innovation. Our products consistently perform and can be custom tailored to your exact specifications. To find the right products for your operation, connect with us.