M&W: A Tradition of Reliable Lifting Equipment

M&W: A Tradition of Reliable Lifting Equipment

If our equipment doesn't perform the way our customers need it to, operations will suffer and, more importantly, lives could be at risk. The equipment we manufacture and deliver to our customers demands that we do only the best work.

At M&W, we have a tradition of performance that we’ve established. It’s ultimately a reflection of trust that our customer have in us—trust that’s been earned over decades of investment into the safety, dependability and design of our lifting equipment.

 Lifting Equipment: A Tradition of Safety

Our customers are calling on us to help them perform highly demanding jobs in high-risk environments. From concrete barrier lifters to plate clamps and lifting beams, our equipment performs so that operations and people are kept safe. If we’re not keeping people safe, we’re not doing our job.

All of our lifting equipment is individually proof loaded per OSHA requirements.*

Lifting Equipment: A Tradition of Dependability

From the day we opened our doors, we have never compromised the strength of our heavy lifting equipment just to save a buck or two on materials. The performance of our lifting equipment can always be relied upon because the manufacturing of our lifting equipment has never been compromised. The stronger and more reliable our lifting equipment that we manufacture…the stronger and more reliable the operation our customers can have.

Lifting Equipment: A Tradition of Design

Design means intentionality. The meticulous standards that go into the engineering and manufacturing of our lifting equipment allows our customers to trust us. When operations use our lifting equipment on the field, they never have to question whether it will do the job it’s designed to do. Design means that we engineer based on usability, performance, and sustainability. In other words…Can the lifting equipment be used by an operator without undue risk to people or materials? Will the lifting equipment do the job it is designed to do without compromise? Will the lifting equipment last?

Because of our tradition of safety, dependability, and design, customers have continually come back to M&W for their lifting equipment. Our full line of products and solutions (from lifting hooks, material baskets, plate clamps, and lifting beams to slings, chokers, forklift attachments, and wire rope terminations) are able to keep our tradition alive and strong because we maintain these high standards at each step and in each decision of our operation.

*At M&W, we stand by the strength and durability of our lifting equipment, but cannot guarantee performance if product integrity is compromised by customer or if product is used outside of its lifting capacity or intended purpose. Customers are responsible to ensure proper use of equipment, that load capacities are maintained, and that proper inspections and maintenance are performed on all lifting equipment.

M&W lifting is the midwest’s premier manufacturer of lifting equipment, setting industry standards for performance and innovation. Our products consistently perform and can be custom tailored to your exact specifications. To find the right products for your operation, connect with us.