M&W Lifting Equipment: Trust on Display

M&W Lifting Equipment: Trust on Display

At M&W, we are dedicated to innovation. But that innovation isn’t only rooted in our desire to be the biggest or the best. That’s only part of it. In our industry, innovation is how our customers know we can be trusted. It’s how we make processes safer and operations more reliable. Innovation is how we can promise our customers that the equipment they’re using is going to perform.

 Trust and Reliability

Lifting operations rely on consistency. Floor managers need to know that the heavy lifting operation at their shop or on their site is going to be executed flawlessly. They want to protect their people, keep their operation running smoothly, and keep their costs down. Reliability means predictability, consistency, and order, and it’s the difference between something dangerous and something safe.

We want our customers to know that their operation is safe because they’ve trusted the M&W brand to support their operation. When properly used and maintained*, our equipment outlasts and outperforms anyone else’s. For that reason, people have come to expect that the M&W brand will give them the consistency and performance that they need.

Trust and Improvements

Reliability doesn’t happen without change. If we weren’t continually improving our products, we wouldn’t remain reliable for our customers. Advancements in technology and engineering make room for enhancements to our operations. When we keep things as they’ve always been, we’re not improving anything. But as our engineers improve the design and performance of our equipment, they’re ensuring our customers’ ability to rely on us for years to come.

Trust and Testing

Every change, each innovation and adaptation, everything we do to improve our operation and our equipment, is tested thoroughly. They are all done with one express purpose: to make sure that the changes we’re making to our lifting equipment are improving the safety, dependability, and operations of our equipment. Testing is how we can know that each innovation is moving us closer to our ultimate goal of unparalleled performance with safety and reliability at each turn.

M&W’s name is one that our customers and distributors have come to trust. But that hasn’t been a coincidence. Trust for the M&W brand has come because our equipment has been pushed to the brink in our testing environments. It’s had the innovations of advanced engineering and technology working to improve its design and performance.

At M&W, we stand by what we build and we stand by those who depend on us.