Adjustable Lifting Beams from M&W

Adjustable Lifting Beams and M&W’s Tradition of Performance and Safety

M&W has a long history of keeping facilities and worksites actively moving throughout their daily operations with safety, dependability, and innovation. The design of our equipment has been consistently safe and dependable while it is also always evolving. We want every piece of equipment from M&W to better perform at each job while also better protecting the people who rely on us. Our tradition of performance and our history of innovation give our customers the certainty that their operations and their people are protected.


Adjustable Lifting Beams from M&W

Your lifting operation depends upon two equally vital things: Performance and Safety.

Performance means that the adjustable lifting beams you’re using for your lifting operation, whether an adjustable spread telescoping beam or a low-overhead or economy lifting beam, won’t fail in their operation. They won’t show signs of fatigue or compromised strength, and they won’t be difficult to maneuver or manage. Their consistent, reliable performance keeps your operation moving forward.

Safety in your operation protects your people, your company, and your future. Knowing that the equipment you’re using has been strength-tested beyond minimum requirements means that you are protecting your people when you’re using M&W lifting beams.
The absence of innovation in our industry decreases productivity and increases risk. Engineering and innovation are vital for us to not compromise our standard of safety for all of our equipment.

Performance and Safety from M&W

The work that we do at M&W is protecting heavy lifting operations around the country. Our reputation is built upon decades of performance and quality, and we value our history of keeping operations moving with safety, dependability, and design. The performance and safety considerations taken in the engineering of our adjustable lifting beams are no exception. They’re continuing a tradition of performance and safety that customers have been relying on for decades.