M&W Lifting Equipment: Strength and Performance

Strength and Performance: M&W Plate Clamps 

Since the day we sold our very first line of cable, we’ve valued strength, dependability, and service. We’ve delivered it with every product. We’ve promised it in every customer interaction. We’ve always known that people are relying on the durability and performance of our equipment to make sure that their tough jobs get done. It requires that we value strength, because our customers are putting their operation, and their lives, into our hands.

Each piece of M&W lifting equipment has been tested to withstand its designated capacity, so that M&W equipment is known as something that will always carry its load. It requires that we value performance, so that with each load, day in and day out, our lifting equipment can be trusted to do its job.

Strong Plate Clamps. Better Performance.

The engineering that went into M&W’s Plate Clamp is a reflection of both our standards and our history. Our standards are reflected in the trust our customers put in us and in the responsibility we put on ourselves to consistently deliver without compromise. Our history has proven that we do everything we can to keep operations running smoothly and safely, even if that means we reinvent ourselves and our equipment to make sure we’re doing our job.

Engineering and Innovation

M&W Plate Clamps aren’t like other plate clamps on the market. With no minimum load capacity and with innovations that make their operation unlike any of our competitors, our plate clamps are yet another way that M&W demonstrates strength and performance in our work.

Easy Lock & Release Functionality

With innovative lock and release capabilities, M&W plate clamps easily engage without hammers or other methods that compromise the integrity of the clamp.

Light & Versatile

M&W Plate Clamps are only 9 pounds compared to 13 pounds with other clamps. Their lightweight, versatile design makes them easy to engage and use in more scenarios with less risk.


The non-welded construction of the M&W plate clamp allows for the use of stronger and more rigid materials than is possible with welded construction. The clamp is designed with a 5:1 design factor, and each clamp is load tested before leaving the factory.

The key to the durability and inherent safety of the M&W Plate Clamp is the metallurgical properties of the premium alloy components.

M&W - A History of Innovation

Quality, strength, durability, and safety. These values were with us when we started, and they’ve stayed with us with each innovation, with each new product, and with each customer request. They’ll also stay with us as we continue to improve the strength and performance of all of our equipment.