M&W Lifting Equipment - Good Design on Display

M&W: Lifting Equipment that's Well Designed

At M&W, we build what solves problems. Our engineers work continually to design lifting equipment that makes operations run smoother and keeps workers safe. We want companies and individuals to know that M&W is a company that's loyal to them, keeping them strong and safe, day after day.

Good design can be identified by three key characteristics: Engineering, Innovation, and Improvement.


Our engineers are constantly looking at age old problems with fresh eyes, solving old problems in new ways. They’re observing current operations and identifying problems that compromise safety and efficiency, and then building the solution that’s improving performance and protection operations.


An absence of innovation in an industry like ours decreases productivity and increases risk. A safer operation comes only when we can find ways to eliminate the vulnerabilities of lifting operations. It comes when we aren’t bound by tradition but instead are able to learn from it and solve problems because of it.

Continual Improvement

Any change to M&W lifting equipment must meet our standards of safety and dependability. Optimizations aren’t just about convenience; they’re about improvement. They’re essential for making operations safer, stronger, and more stable. Every effort we take to design lifting equipment that you can trust is with this fundamental standard in place.

At M&W, we care about good design because we care about our customers. We want to give them tools that will make them more productive and efficient while eliminating risks often associated with the job.

M&W Plate Clamps - Good Design on Display

Take, for example, M&W plate clamps. Our plate clamps are designed with premium alloys, with no welding or replacement parts. They have no minimum load capacity and are lighter than other products on the market. But perhaps the most innovative component of the engineering of these clamps is in the locking mechanism. They are equipped with easy lock and release functionality. This means that workers no longer have to “strong arm” a clamp with a hammer to lock or release a load. The locking mechanism was designed to secure a load safely just as it was designed release it safely.

And these innovations are continuing on our plate clamps. Our engineers continue to improve them. It's how M&W is keeping you working and keeping you strong in your daily operation. Good design means we’re solving problems in better, stronger, more dependable ways. It also means that we’re making sure that the lifting equipment we engineer and supply is solving your problems and protecting your people.