M&W - Strong Hooks. Better Performance

M&W - Strong Hooks. Better Performance.

At M&W, we believe that trust takes time and effort to earn. We also know that it takes just seconds to lose. A mistake in manufacturing or an oversight in safety protocols can easily be the difference between life and death.

And that is why M&W has uncompromised standards for safety and dependability with all of our lifting equipment.

 We know that our customers depend on us to protect their good name by manufacturing lifting equipment that is strong and dependable, that will keep operations moving steadily without fear of design flaws or operational failures. We also know that any compromise in our standards in manufacturing or our process for quality control could lead to serious accidents.

We manufacture lifting equipment that stands up to time and testing. Our equipment, when properly maintained and operated, protects a facility and its staff. It keeps lifting operations safe and protects a company’s equipment and most valuable asset…it’s people.*

Lifting Hooks from M&W
Dependable and Strong

Lifting hooks from M&W are constructed of premium alloy steel and load tested to ensure consistent performance. They have a maximum use temperature of 400°F and are coated with a corrosion-resistant finish. All of our hooks also exceed ASME B30.20 as well as OSHA regulations.

Like most of our lifting equipment at M&W, our lifting hooks are in-stock and available for immediate shipping. However, we can also custom-design hooks based on your operation’s demands and lifting requirements.

At M&W, we have engineers always looking for new ways to solve the problems that your operation is facing when it comes to lifting equipment. If you have a specific need and want to talk to an expert who is committed to the safety and performance of your operation, connect with us.

M&W. Strong Hooks. Better Performance.


*The safety and performance of M&W lifting equipment is contingent upon products being properly inspected and maintained and used within their lifting and operating capacity. M&W cannot guarantee proper or safe performance of any product that is used outside of the scope of its intended lifting and operating capacity or that has not had consistent, thorough inspection and maintenance services.