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What is a vertically
integrated company?

Not all branded products are manufactured by the brand owner. Some manufacturers outsource their rigging hardware, leading to lower quality and consistency since the manufacturer loses control of the process once manufacturing is done elsewhere.

In addition, when you buy directly from manufacturers like this, you might miss out on local distributor support and customer service. But with a vertically integrated supply chain, from raw material to finished products, you know exactly where your product comes from.

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M&W is proud to be a
vertically integrated company

From raw material to finished products, M&W is in control of the manufacturing process. We manufacture all of our products, and that means higher quality and consistency in the products delivered to your job site.

Being vertically integrated allows us to control many manufacturing and supply chain disruption variables by bringing in raw material and producing devices that we only sell through distribution.

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Lifting equipment made in America

At M&W, 100% of our products are American-built. With the highest standards for quality assurance, design & material, we build only equipment that can be trusted to protect you.

In addition to lifting equipment, our catalog includes jib cranes, synthetic slings, s hooks, flat hooks, pallet lifters, I beam clamps, and many other items.


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M&W partners with distributors nationwide who help
customers find the right solutions to their lifting needs