We are the midwest's premier manufacturer of lifting equipment, setting industry standards for performance and innovation. Our products consistently perform. They work hard so that your customers’ hard work can continue.

Our products are strong, so that our customers can be.


We’ve invested in engineering. We’ve invested in quality. We don’t cut corners & we don’t compromise. Integrity is in our equipment & our culture.


With the highest standards for quality assurance, design & material, we build only equipment that can be trusted to protect you.


By bringing innovation into the industry, we've rethought & redesigned products that have been around for years. We’ve made them stronger & more versatile. We’ve made them better.

Products + Solutions

plate clamps

Plate Clamps

lifting beams

Lifting Beams

spreader beams

Spreader Beams

fork lift attachments

Forklift Attachments


lifting hooks

Lifting Hooks

material baskets

Material Baskets

material baskets

Container Lifting

personnel baskets

Personnel Baskets

wire rope terminations

Wire Rope Terminations

sling inspection hook


synthetic rigging

Synthetic Rigging

barrel drum bucket lifting

Barrel, Drum & Bucket Lifting

rigging racks

Rigging Racks

pallet lifters

Pallet Lifters

lifting tongs

Lifting Tongs


coil lifters

Coil Lifters

material work stands

Material Work Stands

bottle lifters

Bottle Lifters

concrete pipe lifting

Concrete Pipe Lifting

material handling other

Material Handling, Other



concrete barrier lifter

Concrete Barrier Lifter

beam clamps

Beam Clamps

synthetic triangle chokers

Synthetic Sling Triangles & Chokers

wire chain triangles chokers

Wire & Chain Mesh Triangles & Chokers

sling inspection hook

Sling Inspection Hook