Adjustable Lifting Beams and M&W’s Tradition of Performance and Safety

M&W has a long history of keeping facilities and worksites actively moving throughout their daily operations with safety, dependability, and innovation. The design of our equipment has been consistently safe and dependable while it is also always evolving. We want every piece of equipment from M&W to better perform at each job while also better protecting the people who rely on us. Our tradition of performance and our history of innovation give our customers the certainty that their operations and their people are protected.

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Strength and Performance: M&W Plate Clamps 

Since the day we sold our very first line of cable, we’ve valued strength, dependability, and service. We’ve delivered it with every product. We’ve promised it in every customer interaction. We’ve always known that people are relying on the durability and performance of our equipment to make sure that their tough jobs get done. It requires that we value strength, because our customers are putting their operation, and their lives, into our hands.

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M&W: Lifting Equipment that's Well Designed

At M&W, we build what solves problems. Our engineers work continually to design lifting equipment that makes operations run smoother and keeps workers safe. We want companies and individuals to know that M&W is a company that's loyal to them, keeping them strong and safe, day after day.

Good design can be identified by three key characteristics: Engineering, Innovation, and Improvement.

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Wire Rope End Fittings

At M&W, we have a standard for our processes, our production, and our people. It’s what sets us apart and keeps us moving forward. It’s a standard of dependability, strength, and performance with our lifting equipment.

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