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  • Non-welded Construction
  • No Minimum Load
  • Camming Stationary Jaw
  • Camming Stationary Jaw Automatically Returns to Preload Position
  • Self Locking Jaw Closed Mechanism
  • Self Locking Jaw Open Mechanism
  • 0 – 180 Degree Turning Permissible
  • Clamp can be mounted to the work piece without the need for the operator to put hands in the fall path of the work piece
  • Designed with a 5 – 1 Design Factor Criteria
  • ASME B30.20 Operation Compliant
  • ASME B30.BTH -1 Design Compliant
  • Working Load Limit (WLL) Clearly and Legibly Marked on the Clamp
  • Serial Number Clearly and Legibly Marked on the Clamp • Materials of Manufacture Remain Stable Under Load
  • Clamps Can Be Used to Lift Materials with a Surface Hardness of up to 400 Brinell
  • Clamps must be used in accordance with the Instructions in the Operator Manual
  • Operating temperature -40° to 170° Fahrenheit



Plate Clamp - Straight 

straight plateclamp


Plate Clamp - Hinged

hinged plateclamp




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